About Us

At 1st Bristol Muslim Scouts our Aim is to help

Develop young people to be their best

Think you know Scouting? (Click here) If you still think Scouting is just about boys, tents and woggles, then take a look at our video and  you might just change your mind. With over 200 activities on offer and half a million members (including 60,000 girls) Scouting offers everyday adventure to young people and adult volunteers. Scouting offers opportunities for young people (girls and boys) from the age of 6-18 years. 6      - 8 years      - Beavers. 8      - 10.5 years - Cubs 10.5 - 14 years    - Scouts 14    - 18 years     - Explorers 18    - 25 years      - Network(Avon County Section) Please note that Scouts is run by Volunteers and we are always in need of extra pair of hands. If you can spare some time then please get in touch(Contact us).