Hut Cleaning

Don't delay Act today!


Our Scout Hut is old and like most things, it needs a good clean on a regular basis(click here to see what’s entailed).

The main hall should be cleaned after each section meeting but the WHOLE hut and the surrounding premises need a proper cleanup at least 4-6 weeks.

A Clean Venue allows us to Hire the Hut out to paying groups, which helps raise money for our group.

Note: We need a minimum of two adults, but more people will be better and speed up the process.

Therefore we NEED Volunteers(Yes that could mean you and your friends/family) to spare about 1.5 – 2 hrs at least every four weeks?

If you like to help us then please join the group by clicking here.

p.s. Still not tempted enough... In return for your efforts we can also setup(upon request and advance notice/availability), Archery / Air Rifle Shooting to offer our thanks to you &/ your colleagues.